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Avery Harden is an American hip hop recording artist, poet, musician and entrepreneur. While still chasing a breakthrough in his music career, the Las vegas native has accomplished many goals in his 17 years of musicianship. Avery fell in Love with music at an early age. His passion was shaped and influenced by the heavy hip hop culture, drawing inspiration from such artists as Lupe Fiasco, Common and Mos Def.

At the age of 12, Avery found himself writing verses about hope and bringing a change to his generation. This is what differs Avery from today’s hip hop culture. It is rare to hear such a passion for hope and change in music. when avery graduated High school, he packed up and left for Los Angeles to pursue this dream full-force.

Since then, Avery has released 6 full length projects, over 2 dozen music videos, and opened shows for Lupe Fiasco, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright , Metro Boomin, DJ Esco, OT Genesis, Vince staples, and young thug. All of this in the span of the last 6 years, as Avery's fan base continues to grow. Avery’s music is being heard across the world from coast to coast.



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